High quality pure beeswax candles made in the family tradition since 1996

In 1996, “Grandpa” Joe Brotherton began making beeswax candles as just a simple hobby. But he realized if he poured enough time, energy, and love into his candles, it would turn into a successful business. For 20 years he melted, molded, and sold about 2 tons of pure beeswax, never compromising it with additives like paraffin.
Now Grandpa Joe has passed his business, Mr. B’s Apiary, to the next generation – his son Doug, daughter-in-law Gabriella, and their two daughters. We are proud to carry on this tradition, honoring his hard work by using only the purest beeswax and providing you with the same high-quality candles that Grandpa Joe produced. We hope you enjoy your candles, proudly made by the Bee Family Candle Company!